Mission Statement

To protect individuals and families that have been seriously injured by providing superior legal services with competence, commitment and compassion.

Practice Ideals

Competence – With over 30 years of experience, Mike Peters is a veteran trial attorney uniquely qualified in handling personal injury cases because of his extensive expertise in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Mike is also a trained and experienced mediator and has mediated numerous injury cases.

Commitment – Mike Peters is committed, without compromise, to pursuing what is ethically, honestly and morally right, in the prosecution of a client’s case and to achieving justice with the best possible outcome. Mike will do what is right for his client using creative and unique strategies and solutions.

Compassion – Mike Peters brings a deep, abiding compassion for people with a warrior’s heart to serve and protect others and his community. Mike’s passion is to be the best legal advocate and champion while treating every client with the utmost care, regardless of circumstance.

What People Say About Mike

Robert Luna

I am a huge fan of Mike Peters because he is a very competent professional and a man of uncompromising integrity. I have been a firsthand witness to these qualities and if I am ever in a legal bind, Mike would be the attorney I would want with me.

Norman W. Gordon, Judge (Ret.)

I have observed Mike Peters since 1997 when he practiced law for a very distinguished firm in the city of Long Beach. His demeanor and attitude as a practicing attorney, in my opinion, is excellent. He is well respected by both the Bench and the Bar.

Richard F. Charvat, Judge (Ret.)

Mike appeared before me many times over the years and was always professional and courteous. I found him to be honest, an excellent advocate for his clients. It is my opinion that Michael is a credit to the bar with his temperament, abilities, and experience.

John Rapillo, Esq.

I litigated a personal injury case against Mike Peters in 2012. He was professional and did an extremely good job for his client. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike to others, or refer cases to his office.

John O’Keeffe

Mike handled a personal injury case for me. He made me feel comfortable and he was professional, courteous and understanding. I felt that my interests were well represented during the whole process. I would recommend Mike to my friends and family.

What a blessing to have Mike Peters representing my husband and I after a severe accident causing my husband to be permanently disabled.  Mike’s skills and experience were key in obtaining a recovery at the end of an all-day mediation that took care of all our needs.  God is good!

David J. Brobeck, Jr., Esq.

“As opposing counsel in a difficult personal injury matter, I was impressed with Mike’s calm demeanor and professionalism, while still being a strong advocate for his client.  I found Mike to be a man of integrity, and a class act.”